Guided tours of Rome outside the walls

Itineraries for Tivoli and Hadrian's Villa, Ostia Antica, and the Etruscan civilization, with stories and descriptions of villas, ports, and ancient history.

Discovering the Etruscan civilization (6 hour tour guide)

In the Italian peninsula, the Rasenna, or Rasna, settled in a vast territory called “Etruria”, which sat between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the rivers Tiber and Arno (in today’s Tuscany), in the upper part of Umbria and Lazio, taking on the name “Etruscans”.

Tour description. Giulia Valley Museum, necropolis of Cervetri and Tarquinia (center of Southern Etruria), Etruscan capital, medieval town, archaeological site of international fame and intense cultural life.

Discovering Ostia Antica (4 hour guided tour)

History attributes its founding with the fourth king of Rome, Anco Marzio, around 620 B.C., for the exploitation of its salt marshes at the mouth of the Tiber (hence, the name Ostia, from ostium = opening).

Tour description. Visit the port of ancient Rome, the forum and basilica, the temple of the Capitoline Triad, the theater and Corporazioni Square, the Temple of Mithras, as well as the market, synagogue and cemetery.

Discovering Villa Adriana, Tivoli, and Villa d’Este

Places of art, history, culture, and monuments. World Heritage Site.

Tour description. Visit Villa Adriana, the most beautiful imperial villa designed and built by Emperor Hadrian, in a unique framework of parks and lakes. This is followed by Villa d’Este, a beautiful Renaissance villa with many fountains and waterfalls and magnificent formal gardens.
Qualified guides upon request.

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